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Training Programs:

Unlock your dog's full potential with our comprehensive training programs. From basic obedience to advanced skills, including puppy training and walking plans, our experienced and certified trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure a happy and well-behaved canine companion.

Canine Playdates:

Help your canine build crucial social skills and make new furry friends through our supervised playdates in a safe and controlled environment, which ensures that your pup has a blast while learning valuable socialisation skills.

Grooming Spa:

Treat your pet to the ultimate spa experience with our full-service grooming. Our skilled groomers will pamper your furry friend, leaving them feeling and looking their best with luxurious bath and all the essentials.

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For over half a decade, Basic Canine Training has been passionately dedicated to providing a wide range of canine services that cater to all aspects of your canine’s well-being, ensuring your canine companion has a joyful and fulfilling life.

We want to invest in your dog’s entire life - and just like yearly veterinary visits are necessary, so are yearly checks-ups for your canine’s psychological and emotional health.

Remember, if your dog’s behaviour suddenly changes, there is a very good reason for it.

“Bianca is absolutely excellent with animals, as didn’t think our old boy could learn new tricks but she taught how to walk well on a leash opposed to us being dragged along and fighting the entire way. Now we get to all enjoy an our walk. Thank you B” - Brenda

“This is the best decision I ever made for my dogs by working with Bianca to get them trained. My two pom/spitz dogs are what I like to call "COVID dogs" .. so they were born and raised in COVID and weren't socialized with people and other dogs. With a deeper understanding of their breed, I do understand that they will always be yappers and the self-designated security (lol), but through this training I have been able to build a deep bond with my dogs that I didn't have before.” - Shayna

“Bianca is so professional and since having a consultation with her, I’ve been using the advice she gave me and have seen such a change in the behaviour of my dogs.

The tips she gave me have really helped around the house and have massively improved the relationship between both our dogs and us, with there being less tension!! I couldn’t recommend somebody more than her!!” - Gabriella